Feature Article

Type 1 diabetes in young people: how can we minimise complications?

Yoon Hi Cho, Kim C Donaghue



This article highlights the spectrum of diabetes complications and potential strategies to help young people achieve optimal glycaemic control and meet metabolic targets to reduce the risk of complications.

Key Points

  • Aiming for target HbA1c under 7.5% remains the cornerstone of reducing the risk of long-term vascular complications of type 1 diabetes in young people.
  • Increasing prevalence of adiposity and associated metabolic risk factors need to be addressed in contemporary youth with type 1 diabetes.
  • Advances in diabetes technology and insulin regimens also aim to optimise flexibility in eating and address variability in the day-to-day insulin requirements of the growing child and adolescent.
  • The GP plays an important role by being aware of the spectrum of diabetes complications and providing a motivational supportive approach for the family and the young person in the self-management of diabetes.

    Picture credit: © Silvia Janken/iStockphoto. Models used for illustrative purposes only.