Information for readers

Information for readers

Welcome to Endocrinology Today's website. We hope you enjoy reading the content available here. If you have any comments or questions on any aspect of this website, please let us know by completing the Contact Us form.

Endocrinology Today is published four or five times a year. The full text of all peer-reviewed articles published in Endocrinology Today since April 2012 can be downloaded from this website. For more information on the editorial content of Endocrinology Today, read our About Endocrinology Today section.

Full text articles are available on this site as pdfs.

What’s available to Australian GPs and subscribers?

Free access to all Endocrinology Today full text articles

On registration to the Medicine Today website, Australian GPs and subscribers to the online and/or print editions of Medicine Today have free and immediate access to all content on the Endocrinology Today website, as well as that of the sister publications, Cardiology Today and Pain Management Today. Endocrinology Today provides topic-specific, peer-reviewed clinical information to assist GPs and interested specialists in their day-to-day practice.

Email alerts

Email alerts advising readers of the contents of each new issue of Endocrinology Today are available to all subscribers and registered users on the Medicine Today website.

To receive email alerts you need to register and create an account with Medicine Today and make sure the email alert boxes are selected. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to, and modify, these alerts at any time by visiting the notifications section of your Account page.

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We have several subscription options and rates, including special rates for medical students. Read our Subscription information to find out more about these rates.

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What’s available to nonsubscribers?

Nonsubscribers can:

  • search past issues for articles
  • read abstracts and key points or introductory extracts of all articles
  • access all patient handouts
  • read one open access article from Medicine Today’s current issue
  • if registered on the website, receive email alerts, as noted above.

How to access content

Accessing full text articles

Pdf links to articles are located next to the article abstract. You must be logged in before you can download a pdf. The Log In button is found at the top right hand corner of each page. If you are not a subscriber, you will be directed to a page to purchase a subscription before you can download the pdf.

Links to Recent Articles on similar subject areas, Patient Handouts and Supplements are found on the abstract pages of each article. If an article has been updated and published at a later date in a Medicine Today Supplement you will be directed to the revised article.


There are various ways you can browse the content on this website.

  • Past Issues: browse our content by year and month of publication.
  • Topics: browse articles by broad topic areas.
  • Clinical Flowcharts: find articles that include flowcharts to help guide the diagnosis, investigation and management of various conditions.
  • Case Studies: browse our Case Study collection.
  • Regular Series: browse articles by regular series type: Acute Presentations in General Practice, Investigations in Endocrinology, Perspectives and Case Studies.


Search for an article on a particular subject by using the Search box found at the top right of each page. Alternatively, to carry out a more specific search (for example by keywords, phrases, date of publication, author name, type of article, etc), use the Advanced search link, found under the Search box.

Ordering back issues of Endocrinology Today

Information on the cost of back copies, and order requests for these, can be made by contacting our Subscription Manager using the Contact Us form.


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