Tailoring psychological management in young people with type 1 diabetes

Toni Lindsay



Normalising the experience of difficulties in self-managing diabetes and accessing support will improve diabetes control and overall quality of life for young people with diabetes. For patients with significant mental health concerns it is imperative that appropriate mental health support is readily accessible and delivered in a sustained manner.

Key Points

  • Diagnosing depression in adolescents is more complex than with adults and often takes a specialist in adolescent behaviour to be able to make the diagnosis.
  • A good relationship and engagement with health professionals is often as important as any intervention that may occur for young people with diabetes.
  • Examining the complexities of a young person’s mental health concerns in the context of their diabetes should perhaps be a consideration for all patients with type 1 diabetes who present for support and treatment.
  • Psychological treatment includes motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural therapy.