Acute endocrine presentations in general practice

Managing an elderly woman with Graves’ disease

Akhil Gupta, Bernard Champion, Venessa Tsang



A 71-year-old woman with hyperthyroidism complicated by atrial fibrillation presents to her GP. The importance of distinguishing between the different causes of hyperthyroidism and management of her symptoms are discussed.

Article Extract

Jeannette, a 71-year-old previously fit and well woman, presents to you, her GP, with a three-day history of anxiety, tremors, dizziness and palpitations. Jeannette’s family have noticed that she has increasing agitation at home and difficulty with concentration. On further questioning, Jeanette has experienced some chest tightness and shortness of breath, but no cough, sputum or other infective symptoms such as fevers, chills or rigors over the past two weeks. She also has general malaise, but normal bowel and urinary functions.

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