Feature Article

Managing lipid abnormalities in type 2 diabetes

Richard O'Brien



Many people with diabetes can benefit from treatment to reduce their cardiovascular risk, including lipid-lowering medications. Important questions include when and how to assess cardiovascular risk in people with diabetes, what diet to recommend, when to begin lipid-lowering therapy, and how to manage different types of lipid abnormality.

Key Points

  • Lipid abnormalities are present in over 60% of people with diabetes.
  • The decision to initiate lipid-lowering treatment should be based on absolute cardiovascular risk.
  • Calculation of cardiovascular risk is appropriate in most people with diabetes.
  • Statins are first-line therapy for prevention of cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes.
  • Elevated triglyceride levels are common in people with diabetes and treatment may be beneficial in some patients.

    Picture credit: © BSIP/Medical Images