Acute endocrine presentations in general practice

Recurrent hypoglycaemia with reduced recognition

Jasper Sung, VENESSA H. TSANG, Sue Lynn Lau



A 32-year-old man presents to his GP after a hypoglycaemic episode on a building site. His management is discussed.

Article Extract

Mark is a 32-year-old builder with type 1 diabetes. He presents to you after an episode where he became confused and incoherent on the work site. A colleague, aware of his history of diabetes, assisted him in drinking some lemonade and called an ambulance. On arrival, ambulance officers recorded a blood glucose level (BGL) of 2.5mmol/L, improving to 4.0mmol/L after a few minutes. Mark declined being taken to hospital. Mark believes he knows how to manage his diabetes and will not let an incident like this happen again. He is keen to be given medical clearance to return to work.

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