Investigations in endocrinology

Investigating thyrotoxicosis




Case scenarios are used in this section to educate doctors on the best approach to the diagnosis and management of patients with different endocrine problems. The appropriate selection of tests and correct interpretation of test results are discussed.

Article Extract

Thyrotoxicosis is characterised by the clinical syndrome of abnormally high levels of circulating thyroid hormones, whereas hyperthyroidism refers to the endogenous overproduction of thyroid hormones.1 Thyro- toxicosis is a common occurrence in general practice, with varying prevalences in different countries according to iodine status. In iodine-rich countries such as Australia, the prevalence is 0.5%,2,3 whereas in iodine- de cient countries the prevalence is higher, reaching 2% of population.4 Women are ten times more likely to be affected than men.5