Feature Article

Optimising type 1 diabetes care at the transition

D Jane Holmes-Walker



GPs are ideally placed to ensure a smooth transition of young people with type 1 diabetes from paediatric care to the adult healthcare sector. The nature of the doctor–patient relationship will be altered and care should be taken to ensure young patients remain under regular review.

Key Points

  • The key focus is to keep young people engaged in the process of diabetes care.
  • Education in adolescents and young adults should be directed towards short-term risks to the young person with diabetes.
  • Continue to monitor long-term complications in the background including risk for development of associated autoimmune disease.
  • Closely monitor mental health and wellbeing as these are major factors interfering with the young person’s ability to manage their diabetes.

    Picture credit: © Dalaprod/Adobe Stock. Model used for illustrative purposes only.