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Guide to travelling for people with diabetes: be prepared

Nicholas Zwar
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The measures that people with diabetes need to take when travelling depend on the length of the trip and the destination. Preparation and education can ensure a safe journey.

Key Points

  • A GP consultation at least six to eight weeks before planned travel is crucial for patients with diabetes.
  • Travellers with diabetes need adequate supplies of medicines, a health and medication summary and a National Diabetes Services Scheme card.
  • While travelling, consumption of a healthy diet and good diabetes care are important.
  • Adequate travel insurance cover is needed for people with diabetes.
  • Permission may be needed from the airline to take diabetes equipment on board the aircraft.
  • Oral glucose-lowering medicines should be taken as prescribed, according to local time at the destination.
  • Bolus or mealtime insulin should only be administered when the meal has been served as turbulence can delay food service.

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