Investigations in endocrinology

Investigation of irregular menses

Anju E Joham, Robert J Norman, Helena J Teede



The investigations in endocrinology section uses case scenarios to educate doctors on the best approach to the diagnosis and management of patients with different endocrine problems. The appropriate selection of tests and correct interpretation of test results are discussed.

Article Extract

Menstrual cycle disorders are common in women of reproductive age and can manifest as absent menses or menses occurring outside the normal frequency. Oligomenorrhoea is defined as infrequent periods occurring more than 35 days apart or fewer than eight periods a year. Amenorrhoea is defined as absence or abnormal cessation of menses for at least six months and can be primary or secondary. Primary amenorrhoea is absence of any menses by 15 years of age. Secondary amenorrhoea is absence of menses for more than six months in a previously menstruating woman.