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An update on testosterone replacement therapies

Jasna Aleksova, Carolyn A Allan



Effective treatments for testosterone deficiency are available for men at all ages. The choice of testosterone preparation depends on several factors, including length and severity of testosterone deficiency, pharmacokinetic profiles of the available preparations and the patient’s age, comorbidities and personal preference.

Key Points

  • Testosterone deficiency is common in the male population.
  • Several therapeutic options are available to treat men with testosterone deficiency.
  • There have been recent changes in testosterone products available on the PBS with the addition of a metered pump applicator and the withdrawal of subcutaneous pellets.
  • The modality of testosterone replacement should be individualised according to patient convenience, compliance and side effect profile.
  • Patients need to be assessed for contraindications before commencing testosterone therapy and monitored during therapy for the development of adverse effects.